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With many styles and features like timers and handheld remote operation, the user friendly shades exceed expectations.  We offer many shades in a wide variety of styles including: honeycomb shades, Roman shades, motorized roll-shades, and woven wood shades.


Woven-wood shade colors really compliment the lighting for a great look and feel. Check out our variety of examples on how woven wood shades can bring some style to your home.


Roman shades and woven-wood shades are ideal for the consumer who wants function combined with a design statement. They are available in many textured fabrics as well as natural bamboo and grasses.  These shades allow for a unique and custom made vibe.


Honeycomb shades are ideal for the consumer who seeks superior insulation without the hefty investment of shutters. They offer more insulation than any other shades, as they trap the heat and the cold in the pockets of the actual honeycomb, without allowing it to escape into your home.  The honeycomb shades also come in a double cell, which offers even greater insulation against the heat, cold, and noise.

img-2608 (1).jpg

Roller shades are timeless and versatile.
They come in a wide array of fabrics and colors and compliment very traditional decor as well as contemporary rooms. These are a business/office-park and classroom/education settings  go-to.

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