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Plantation shutters are a décor classic. With a multitude of shutter options of stained or painted wood, composite, and poly-satin materials, shutters can now blend classic style with modern systems for an impressive and dependable window treatment. 
dining room shutters
plantation shutters arch window piano

They are also a perfect treatment for specialty shapes, such as arches and rakes.

plantation shutters arch window sofa.jpg
Choose to hide the tilt rod for a more modern look or choose a larger louver for more view-through. Wood shutters can be custom painted or stained, to perfectly match your home without ever looking like an after-thought. 

Composite shutters blend beauty and strength into a single shutter and bring an affordable high-quality finish to any home. 

 Guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel, or discolor, poly-satin shutters are perfect for areas with high moisture and heat, such as a bathroom. For your outdoor space, consider exterior shutters in the Bahama, sliding, or hinged style. 

Making an appointment for a consultation and taking measurements to fit custom shutters has never been easier, and you can do that right NOW

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